Saturday, December 29, 2012


Why do people throw garbage on the streets of Marine drive?
Because within the whole stretch on Marine Drive, there is one dustbin, broken from the ends for no apparent reason.
So why aren't there enough and/or no dustbins on and around the streets? Are we, as the youth always expected to make some statement, example.
We're not really heard, seen  or acknowledged when we carry Lays packets in our bags till we see a dustbin in sight.Nor when we take part is massive "Cleanliness" Drives every year.
Why must we clean the streets when out parents pay THEIR hard earned money on our education to serve and work for our own country that can't fulfill it's basic criteria?
Thousands of 'fine for spitting/throwing garbage' plaques may come up, just like all other so called laws that are followed by absolutely noone.
It falls on deaf and uneducated ears.
To make them pay heed, what can be done.
What can be done?

Sunday, December 23, 2012


You break me me down,
You take what you want,
You go as you please.

I am me.
I will rise, like a pheonix.
Soar like a dove.
Stand up when it's wrong,
Still be capable of love.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

You can.

She is innocent.Cherish it.
Her countenance is beautiful.Worship it.
Her vulnerability is tender. Protect it.
Because you can. 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

So they got away.

They did not wait.
To meet her, know her.
The light that she shone.
The hope that she was capable of.
The grace she would be.
The opportunities she would conjure up.
The happiness she would provide.
The love that she could mould with her palms.
They did not get to know her.
So there she lay.
So tiny.
On a railway bench.
They did not wait to get to know her.
So they got away.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Woman, So Let Her Just Be

There comes a time in your life in India when the newspapers will read the headlines 'Woman Victim of Acid Attack' or 'Woman Raped And Murdered' and it goes on.Down the ages women have always been inferior to men. No matter how progressive the talk of India, its not because society is unequal. If caste and religion separates us Indians, what's even worse is that, that same caste will see men and women on unequal levels, women being the inferior ones ofcourse.

Money, love or lust, when man doesn't get these from the woman, she has to bear the brunt of over-bearing male dominance. So what is the solution to this? Education? Better vigilantism by security? Sitting at home wearing burkhas? Stricter punishment? Lets just face it, Indian men and perhaps men all over are crude sadist pigs. Its a big debate. I mean, there is no one way to find a solution to this.

One immediate thing to do is, leave them women alone. Mr. lustful eyes, if the law doesn't scare you, if God, of all things, doesn't scare you, if your conscience doesn't prick you, then you are as fucked up as your upbringing, my friend. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The WTF News of Mumbai

Its forgivable if someone has less of practical sense in his walk of life but its all the more ridiculous if there is another one playing along at the cost of acting as ignorant and unreasonable as the first. The two people in question ofcourse : The Shiv Sena and the Palghar Police.

The brutal retaliation shown towards a facebook post is one that I am yet to fathom myself. And no, the Police are so inept that could so blatantly not see the act of crime committed by these same complainants of ransacking and destroying property of a clinic inside hospital premises? These people are apparently scott-free and even if they do get caught, there's no guarantee they will be convicted. Such faithlessness has been instilled.

Religious sentiments being hurt via a post talking about a bandh? That doesn't even make sense. Well, it won't coming from a party like the Shiv Sena. Nothing makes sense when the hand with the iron rod talks. It just leaves the listener black and bruised.

Leaving you with the facebook post of the girl

Monday, November 12, 2012

Diwali to Dilwali...

In simple words, just like we give a 'diwali' to people during the festival, similarly, putting in a little heart to give some people the real joy of diwali would be so much nicer, wouldn't it?

Couples making out, children stretching their bodies out to be more flexible, some walking and jogging but there in the corner you see an old lady feeding stray dogs. All this happening at a park. Where does your attention go to? It will go towards the couple making out, won't it?

That's not the point. Point is, get some biscuits and feed it to dogs. Get some seeds and feed it to pigeons. Get some of your old clothes and give it away to the needy or leave some sugar for the perpetually hungry ants. Its the festive spirit. Be it Christmas or Holi or Diwali, keep doing your bit. You don't have to be philanthropist, you just have to believe in the real meaning of the festival. 

So become a Dilwali or Dilawala this Diwali.

Happy Diwali Everyone :D 

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dedication Post

So its time I put out special mentions to people who I have really connected with in the last 2-3 weeks since I thoroughly opened up and got the hang of being here on Social Media :

1. Suneal Patel - I can't forget his first piece of advice about the opinion he had regarding the launch of the movie trailer. From there on he has been around, putting forth many valuable suggestions and appreciating my activities/ posts as well. Shout out to him for being upfront and easy to converse with.

2. Tanvi - She is a an explosion of positivity. From the first day we interacted, I had the feeling she has a great connect and our understanding of general things is quite parallel. I send my shout out to this young lady because if there is one thing I would salute her for, it would be for her acceptance of the best from life.

3. Mrs. Sadaf - She sends her love and wishes from across the border. Probably my one and only international friend, I feel truly proud to see you having liked my posts and connecting with me on the same. Shout out to you for being there on facebook and twitter, being unique for me and cheers to being in touch for as long as possible.

This is my short dedication to them who I have interacted with and found meaning in each interaction. Of course, useless talk anyone can do....just don't think everyone is ready to do it with you. Stop wasting time in it.

Until next post when I might go make some more dedications, have fun !! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The World of Superheroes

Being a hero is more than just saving the day, isn't it? Being a hero would mean saving the day in a way that changes a life for the better. The reason we like superheroes like Superman, Heman and our very own Shaktiman is because they leave back behind for us to think of something and learn from it. That's who a hero for me is. The one we can learn from.

There are people out there who are smarter, wiser and with more experience than you. Your wisdom lies in not berating them but understanding as much as you can about them, what they do and how they lead their lives. Do this. This is the best teaching you can get. Nothing beats talking to real people even more than reading books. 

You will realize that one day the conversation you had with someone interesting in the past will reflect for what you want to do in the future. It helps. To end this, as I said being a superhero doesn't always need strength or a skill in fighting. All you need is to be inspired and one day become an inspiration to someone who will eventually respect you for who you are and for the way you have led your life. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Puzzle of the Heart

Falling in love is not so easy to do. Be it with someone or something. In both the cases you have to search for it. There are people who don't figure out where their life is heading towards when it comes to love and there are people who can't figure out when they will really be happy doing what they love. You can also be both.

What would my suggestion be?  I am no veteran at this but there was a line I came across one day which said "When you are looking to find someone to fall in love with. Stop. They will come to you when you start doing the things you love." Following that line up with a quotation made by Steve Jobs which said "You have got to find what you truly believe in and love to do. Until then, keep looking. Don't settle."

The above two lines might seem ironic but trust me, that is how you need to do it. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Battle of The Bad vs The Worse

Its 8.10 pm in the evening. A pleasant stroll in the open green sanctuary of walkers and joggers was a delightful time well spent on the self. But the tension free and delightful walk turn ugly when I witnessed a woman being hit once, really hard by a man, supposedly her husband. This was a sight too shocking to witness. The child, who called the man 'papa' turned immobile at that action of the man.

But within mere seconds, the man was screamed at for physically abusing the woman. He was watched and followed all the way outside the garden space by the crowd until after 10 minutes, the man, woman and child disappeared and the crowd had dispersed.

This brings me to the title of this post. It is only someone like me who can take themselves as being "bad" at not moving a muscle at a point of time when something could have been done to avenge the man for hitting the woman. There is just NO EXCUSE for that heinous act. The anger, the rage, the frustration against  yourself for not having done anything keeps you feeling like you are as weak as those who refuse to stand and take a fight. I got that feeling in me.

Who knows what happened after that point on. Just always make sure, NEVER raise your hand or voice on a woman. And if you ever see that happen, gather the courage and make sure it is the assailant and not you who regrets what they did. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The TV Drama

TV is entertainment at home. To some, mindless entertainment is like that one rupee given back on a 1,999/- item purchased. To others, like me, the television shows tuned in have to relate to logic, to reason and not be a soap put together with the next episode's storyline thought of only 24 hours before its airing.

And I have no qualms about saying Indian TV is like a recycled mess of bad ideas, acting and everything else in it. It is only the popular shows from the west that keep my TV viewing experience alive. A show like Dexter that effectively delivers in a strong story, terrific plots and most importantly, suspense. Next comes a show like How I Met Your Mother , it may not be the finest of sitcoms but one thing is certain that it has moments that connect to us, just because it is indeed real and can happen to either you or me. And go with another show like Scrubs which not only has its blend of humor and seriousness, it belts out a moral about life towards the end. That's what good ideas are about. That's what TV should be and that's what tells you something about yourself. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Patriotism Slammed

Ever so often, I am reeling under the big question : What is patriotism in the most layman terms? Is social service patriotism? Is protecting the country's borders patriotism? Is upholding the laws of the constitution patriotism?

To me patriotism is rather an invisible concept. It doesn't have to be that way. When servicing for the betterment of people in a place irrespective of gender, class, creed etc is what humanity is all about. Patriotism is nearly the same, right?

And it is the ones protecting the rights of our so called constitution who are the least bit "patriotic" who don't give a fuck !! 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Do you know that you would not be able to see the moon if it weren't for the sun to exist?
The moon is visible to us at night time because it is lit by the light of the sun.
Just like that, even something as mind blowing and massive like the moon also needs something to exist and  carry on it's duties.
We too, in a way are 'Suns' or 'Moons'.
Some days we try our best to shine and be happy and assist as much as we can and other days we need the assistance and happy 'Love' rays.
It's astonishing to see how 'We' and 'Us' exist in every form and being on this planet without which, nothing would balance.
So how 'bout some of that sunshine eh?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Follow you Into the Dark.

It is truly beautiful to witness transformations of light to dark.
When the sun is almost setting and the purple, orange and crimson slowly fade through the prism.
When the Chameleon turns into a dark mix of shades of blue, red and purple.
Although the Bharat Bandh doesn't fall into this category.
Crores of rupees are lost due to Bharat bandhs ; Because people are not happy with certain decisions.The ones who made those decisions are not happy because they want power.The ones who have the power, exercise it wrongly and finally the system is certainly everything else but a 'System'.
This Bharat Bandh hits a whooping loss of 12,500 crores.
That could probably feed a small nation.Or help thousands of kids on the street.
Although, we can only imagine all those possibilities that 'Could've' been done.
Maybe till then, we can try to enjoy the little joys of the slow transitions of Light to darkness.
Gently embracing the path to the mystic unseen.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We all have secrets.We find perfect ways to hide them too.
And it's so often you read about women being raped, manhandled, mistreated.
It sure as hell is no secret that we too, have been stared lustfully at, been touched 'by mistake' and sometimes  it happens so quick and the moment passes so fast, you don't know how to take quick action.
You are over powered.
After the  Guwahati gang-rape case, no one observed the urgency of increasing safety, making the laws more stringent, after the murder of Pallavi, the girl who was manhandled and murdered in the sanctity of her own home, no one brought about enough assurance of safety and protection for the Indian women.
So many Independent young women, hurt, mistreated and over powered.
At what cost?
Its sad that now, in the 21st century, we claim to be developing and ever changing in our outlook, it takes the death of innocent people like the  the recent rape and murder of the BPO employee in Pune to bring about and set in stone, the protection, security and safety that each of us need to out into this battle field.Every.Single.Day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures.

So you'd probably assume I'd be talking about chocolate or diamonds or fantasizing about the latest glorious new smart phone by side.
Oh, wait, I am totally talking about the latter.
I've always been an Apple fan : They REALLY know what a smart and sleek finish is.
They always seem to know perfectly what each sector and group of people appeal to.
And finally, they create what you imagine.What you desire, and more.
In short, after countless hours spent ogling it online, I've concluded : 
1.This phone has a wider screen to smartly accommodate five rows of apps on the home screen unlike the previous version.
 2.From what I see, It's sleeker an much easier to handle than the previous models which often fell off my hands a couple of times.
3.And it basically looks like a piece of sheer 'Byoo-deh' to behold and finally OWN.
So it's safe to say my current 'Guilty Pleasure' is the iPhone 5.
Chocolate and Diamonds can't compete.For now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Beginning.The End.

Here I am, at the crossroads of my life.

Who I am? I'm close to defining that.
Where I'm from? Remember Heidi from the Alps.(Let's say I'm her)
What am I doing here? Soon enough, you will know.
You may surely remember, you also may not.
You may read between the lines, you may also overlook.
You may want to live, but aren't we just killing ourselves?
Hey I am Kaanchi.