Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dedication Post

So its time I put out special mentions to people who I have really connected with in the last 2-3 weeks since I thoroughly opened up and got the hang of being here on Social Media :

1. Suneal Patel - I can't forget his first piece of advice about the opinion he had regarding the launch of the movie trailer. From there on he has been around, putting forth many valuable suggestions and appreciating my activities/ posts as well. Shout out to him for being upfront and easy to converse with.

2. Tanvi - She is a an explosion of positivity. From the first day we interacted, I had the feeling she has a great connect and our understanding of general things is quite parallel. I send my shout out to this young lady because if there is one thing I would salute her for, it would be for her acceptance of the best from life.

3. Mrs. Sadaf - She sends her love and wishes from across the border. Probably my one and only international friend, I feel truly proud to see you having liked my posts and connecting with me on the same. Shout out to you for being there on facebook and twitter, being unique for me and cheers to being in touch for as long as possible.

This is my short dedication to them who I have interacted with and found meaning in each interaction. Of course, useless talk anyone can do....just don't think everyone is ready to do it with you. Stop wasting time in it.

Until next post when I might go make some more dedications, have fun !! 

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