Monday, October 8, 2012

The TV Drama

TV is entertainment at home. To some, mindless entertainment is like that one rupee given back on a 1,999/- item purchased. To others, like me, the television shows tuned in have to relate to logic, to reason and not be a soap put together with the next episode's storyline thought of only 24 hours before its airing.

And I have no qualms about saying Indian TV is like a recycled mess of bad ideas, acting and everything else in it. It is only the popular shows from the west that keep my TV viewing experience alive. A show like Dexter that effectively delivers in a strong story, terrific plots and most importantly, suspense. Next comes a show like How I Met Your Mother , it may not be the finest of sitcoms but one thing is certain that it has moments that connect to us, just because it is indeed real and can happen to either you or me. And go with another show like Scrubs which not only has its blend of humor and seriousness, it belts out a moral about life towards the end. That's what good ideas are about. That's what TV should be and that's what tells you something about yourself. 

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