Rags To Riches

Read the inspiring stories of the famous Bollywood Superstars who made their way to the top right from the the bottom on their own!

Rags To Riches Inspirational Story #4... KARTIK ARYAN 

Read the journey of our lead actor Kartik Aryan straight from him!

I belong to a family of Doctors, so my journey to become an actor was not an easy one. Being from a family where everyone shares the same profession, I was automatically considered to be the next Doctor in the Family.
This is the reason I could never tell me parents I wanted to become an actor. And the other reason was that it was honestly not feasible for a guy from a small town like Gwalior to think about coming to Mumbai to become an actor. 
I didn’t have any background in acting and didn’t know anyone from Bollywood. So I just told my parents that I want to study in Mumbai and I packed my bags and landed up in Mumbai.  I got a 23rd rank in the entrance exam and got admission in DY Patil College and was studying biotechnology. On the side, I studied A LOT about acting (Grinning) and started auditioning for ads and movies!
 And that’s how I came to know about Pyaar Ka Pachnama through Facebook then I got a call for audition and that’s how my career began”

Rags To Riches Inspirational Story #3... AKSHAY KUMAR
This handsome Amritsar-born actor couldn't be further removed from tinsel town. His father was a government employee and Akshay who was then known as Rajeev Bhatia spent quite some time in Bangkok as a waiter whose main job was to do the dishes.  His first salary was 1000 baht (Rs 1,500) and he spent the nights on the kitchen floor. He also trained in martial arts and one of his students suggested he become a model. There was no looking back for Rajeev Bhatia after that.  He also served as a peon for a travel agency for a year and a half in Kolkata.

The journey from Rajeev Bhatia to Akshay Kumar was not a easy one. 

Rags To Riches Inspirational Story #2... VIDYA BALAN

Born into a Tam Bram family in Chembur (Mumbai), Vidya has a degree in sociology. She had no connections in B town but soon began modelling and appeared in many TV commercials.
She was 17 when she played the nerdy Radhika Mathur in the TV show, Hum Paanch. Little work followed with music videos, ads and a Bengali film. Her movie debut seemed jinxed and delayed as she was dropped unceremoniously from a couple of South films. It took her countless auditions and look tests to convince Vidhu Vinod Chopra to cast her in Parineeta. She faded into oblivion for 10 years before Parineeta happened.
Today, Vidya turned into a star courtesy her multiple award winning performance in The Dirty Picture followed by Kahaani. She had become the epitome of the Indian woman and the face of change in Bollywood.

Rags To Riches Inspirational Story #1... SHAHRUKH KHAN

How the best was won. A success story if ever there was one. It may sound like something straight out a Manmohan Desai potboiler. A middle-class Delhi boy, high on hopes and dreams turned up in Mumbai with just Rs 1,500 in his pocket. So everyone who watched the TV serial Fauji, his first appearance on TV  thought the gawky energetic boy in it had some spark and they also loved him in his next serial Circus. But big things do happen and SRK got his movie break. The rest is a cliche. It's history. Now 20 years later, he is the King of all he surveys. He was a rank outsider; yet today it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t know him. In fact, more recently, when Shah Rukh Khan stepped out at the Jamaa El Fna square in Morocco the entire city gathered around him. For someone who was kicked out from his house for not being able to cough up the rent, today he owns a string of prime properties in major cities across the world. ‘Mannat’, his Mumbai abode, has become a tourist hotspot. That’s the magic of India’s most celebrated superstar. His story is ripe for a biopic. 

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