Saturday, December 29, 2012


Why do people throw garbage on the streets of Marine drive?
Because within the whole stretch on Marine Drive, there is one dustbin, broken from the ends for no apparent reason.
So why aren't there enough and/or no dustbins on and around the streets? Are we, as the youth always expected to make some statement, example.
We're not really heard, seen  or acknowledged when we carry Lays packets in our bags till we see a dustbin in sight.Nor when we take part is massive "Cleanliness" Drives every year.
Why must we clean the streets when out parents pay THEIR hard earned money on our education to serve and work for our own country that can't fulfill it's basic criteria?
Thousands of 'fine for spitting/throwing garbage' plaques may come up, just like all other so called laws that are followed by absolutely noone.
It falls on deaf and uneducated ears.
To make them pay heed, what can be done.
What can be done?

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