Saturday, October 27, 2012

The World of Superheroes

Being a hero is more than just saving the day, isn't it? Being a hero would mean saving the day in a way that changes a life for the better. The reason we like superheroes like Superman, Heman and our very own Shaktiman is because they leave back behind for us to think of something and learn from it. That's who a hero for me is. The one we can learn from.

There are people out there who are smarter, wiser and with more experience than you. Your wisdom lies in not berating them but understanding as much as you can about them, what they do and how they lead their lives. Do this. This is the best teaching you can get. Nothing beats talking to real people even more than reading books. 

You will realize that one day the conversation you had with someone interesting in the past will reflect for what you want to do in the future. It helps. To end this, as I said being a superhero doesn't always need strength or a skill in fighting. All you need is to be inspired and one day become an inspiration to someone who will eventually respect you for who you are and for the way you have led your life. 

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