Thursday, September 20, 2012

Follow you Into the Dark.

It is truly beautiful to witness transformations of light to dark.
When the sun is almost setting and the purple, orange and crimson slowly fade through the prism.
When the Chameleon turns into a dark mix of shades of blue, red and purple.
Although the Bharat Bandh doesn't fall into this category.
Crores of rupees are lost due to Bharat bandhs ; Because people are not happy with certain decisions.The ones who made those decisions are not happy because they want power.The ones who have the power, exercise it wrongly and finally the system is certainly everything else but a 'System'.
This Bharat Bandh hits a whooping loss of 12,500 crores.
That could probably feed a small nation.Or help thousands of kids on the street.
Although, we can only imagine all those possibilities that 'Could've' been done.
Maybe till then, we can try to enjoy the little joys of the slow transitions of Light to darkness.
Gently embracing the path to the mystic unseen.

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