Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holi Hai

Aaj es shubh aur rang birange avsar pe aap sabko meri taraf se a very HAPPY HOLI to you and your Family!

It's one of my favorite festivals, which I make sure not to miss no matter what. However, this year's HOLI was undoubtedly the most special and memorable Holi till date.I felt immensely happy celebrating it with the cast of Kaanchi

Thank you everyone for your love and support till date and I wish the bright colors of Holi fill your life with happiness and love...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

In search of answers...

Are we Indians coward,
Or are we shy..
Or we care somehow,
But we dont wanna try,

We have adjusted ourselves,
So well in this corrupted place,
Has it become our tradition ?
Or we lack the guts to face…

We say corruption chokes,
Then why we Indians breathe it ?,
We say corruption kills,
Then why we breed it ?,

The corruption helps,
To set the culprits free,
It blinds the law,
& still we shamely see,

It widens the gap,
Of poor and rich,
Then we continue the same,
Without any hitch… ?

Somehow I feel…

Our coward mind has,
Hurled down his brain,
Come what may,
Even let our money drain…

Has this become, Our way of life ?
To adjust with whatever it is…

And move on, Without a break to re-think, Re-construct, and reform our Corrugated minds…

Is it that no business runs without it ?,
Or is it that we dont wanna put an end to it..?
Are we not prepared for it.. ?
Or we really dont care ?

Many questions in these little brain, And almost all unanswered……

But atleast we can support those,
Who have atleast tried to stand for it,
Some greatones like Anna Hazare.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On the Sets!

These days are the ones I will never forget my whole life.

Everything seems difficult when you do it for the first time, but it didn't seem like that on the sets of Kaanchi. Surrounded by the finest co-stars and exceptional Director, it just felt like I belonged here. They say first time is always special, yes it is... My journey as an actor has just begun and there is nothing else I want to do for the rest of my life!

In the below image, director Subhash Ghai is teaching me for a scene act with Kartik Tiwari. Everyday on sets is a new chapter and new experience with a lot of FUN

Stay tuned for more updates from me :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A picture that will say a thousand words!

Soon, a movie will take you through my life's journey in a way you had never imagined.

They say one picture can say a thousand words, I completely agree with it now.Here is a poster which does not need any description at all! As I am exploring the world of Digital, I can say one thing for sure this poster couldn't have been portrayed in a better way than it has been.

My FIRST digital poster of Kaanchi and nothing in the world can measure the scale of my happiness. Hope you will like it :) Do share your thoughts in the comment box below and after watching this you will surely come to know what sets Kaanchi different from others.

Here it is!

Kaanchi Motion Poster by IAmKaanchi