Friday, October 19, 2012

The Battle of The Bad vs The Worse

Its 8.10 pm in the evening. A pleasant stroll in the open green sanctuary of walkers and joggers was a delightful time well spent on the self. But the tension free and delightful walk turn ugly when I witnessed a woman being hit once, really hard by a man, supposedly her husband. This was a sight too shocking to witness. The child, who called the man 'papa' turned immobile at that action of the man.

But within mere seconds, the man was screamed at for physically abusing the woman. He was watched and followed all the way outside the garden space by the crowd until after 10 minutes, the man, woman and child disappeared and the crowd had dispersed.

This brings me to the title of this post. It is only someone like me who can take themselves as being "bad" at not moving a muscle at a point of time when something could have been done to avenge the man for hitting the woman. There is just NO EXCUSE for that heinous act. The anger, the rage, the frustration against  yourself for not having done anything keeps you feeling like you are as weak as those who refuse to stand and take a fight. I got that feeling in me.

Who knows what happened after that point on. Just always make sure, NEVER raise your hand or voice on a woman. And if you ever see that happen, gather the courage and make sure it is the assailant and not you who regrets what they did. 

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