Thursday, May 23, 2013

Karitk is ready to do anything on screen!

As a new comer in the Hindi film industry, Kartik is willing to do anything as long as the role demands it, as the actor puts it.

"It depends on the need of the story, script and character. If I feel fully connected to the character, then why not? I think like a real person and what he would do in that given situation. As an actor, you have to be free and can't afford to be shy. You have to be besharam. I take my profession very seriously so I don't have any doubts regarding characters I play".

Kaanchi also stars Mithun Chakraborty, Mishti and Rishi Kapoor and is slated for an August release.

Are you guys excited to watch him on the Big Screen in Kaanchi? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kartik plays the clapper boy on the sets of Kaanchi

Subhash Ghai is highly impressed by his Hero of Kaanchi Kartik Tiwari, not because he is the Hero of the film but because Kartik is humble and dedicated to his career too deeply. 

"He is not wasting his any day on frivolous things but on his growth... In all his extra hours he is an Asst. Director as the clapper boy on the sets, watching everyone's performance and learning a lot from me and everyone else.
He goes to special acting classes in Whistling Woods when he is not shooting. Kartik Tiwari is a great star material and a great learner! I am proud of him" said Subhash Ghai on the sets of Kaanchi

Aishwarya Rai first one to make to the list of 'Incredible Bollywood Actress'

Women have contributed in infinite ways to our family, community, country and much more! Bollywood is a place that really connects with me, hence I would love to showcase the Beautiful Women of India who have contributed to Bollywood other than being just an accomplished actress.

Everyday, we will talk about a new actress who has made all the women proud in Bollywood! Starting with none other than AISHWARY RAI B. As she contributed so much to Bollywood and as to recognise her we are revealing some unknown Facts about her, as follows:

  1. Aishwarya trained in classical dance and music for five years during her teenage years.
  2. Interesting Fact - As a student her favorite subject was zoology and even Aish considered a career in medicine, but found the same tough to pursue
  3. Aish's Father Krishnaraj, was a marine biologist
  4. Her elder brother, Aditya, who is an engineer in merchant Navy, co-produced Aish's earlier films, 'Dil ka Rishta' and so on
  5. One of Aishwarya's earlier modelling assignments came when she was in 9th standard. It was for a commercial of a famous pencil brand
  6. At 17, Aishwarya won a major supermodel contest, following which she appeared in 'Vogue India' magazine
  7. In 1994, Aishwarya came behind Sushmita Sen, before going to the 'Miss World' pageant
  8. Following a poll in 2000, she was named the 'Most Beautiful Miss World' of all time
  9. Her first tour was 'Craze 2001' during which she performed across US alongside Anil Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Preity Zinta and Gracy Singh. 
  10. In 2003 Aishwarya become the first Indian Actress to be a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival

Monday, May 20, 2013

Kartik Tiwari, "Kaanchi is Subhash Ghai's comeback"

After Akaash Vani, actor Kartik Tiwari will be seen in Subhash Ghai's upcoming release Kaanchi.

Kartik is two films old and a call from a veteran like Subhash Ghai came as a pleasant surprise for him. "After Akaash Vani, I did not expect to have a film, that too from Subhash Ghai. So when Mukta Arts called me, I was very obliged. When I met Subhash ji for the first time, I was really happy. It's a dream come true as I'm learning a lot. I expect things to change for me with this film", says Kartik.

Although Subhash Ghai's last few films have not worked at the box office, Kartik is not bothered by this. "Subhash ji is legendary and given 11 hits in a row. So if a few of his films did not work, it doesn't matter. Hits and flops don't count. No one will ask why I'm working with him. In fact, everybody in the industry is asking who Subhash Ghai has cast in his films. I and my co actor Mishti (who makes her debut with this film) have become talking points. Kaanchi's a musical thriller and the USP is that it's Subhash ji's comeback film. Kaanchi's got a lot of action, scenes and story. It's very real".

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Friday, May 17, 2013

"I am Lucky to get an opportunity to work with Subhash Ghai"

Pallavi Purohit, the ideal Mother from the famous TV show 'Madhubala' is all ready to set her mark on the big screen with Kaanchi

This is what Pallavi Purohit has to say about being a part of Kaanchi movie

"I am very happy being a part of Subhash Ghai’s films.  I am lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with him", shared the popular television actress. "Shooting for a film is so systematic and disciplined", she added.

She was so sure about doing this movie that she didn't think twice when Subhash ji asked her. 

Kaanchi Team is glad to have her as a part of the movie and guys do tell us how excited you are to see Pallavi Purohit in Kaanchi! :) 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#AngelInDisguise Contest Winners

Here are the CONTEST Winners for #AngelInDisguise Contest :)

1. Urvesh Shah

2. Sai Rajeswari

3. Meenakshi Sethi

CONGRATULATIONS guys and Thank You everyone for participating your enthusiasm means a lot!

Winners please send your details at Don't forget to share a pic with the prize :D would love to see!

Others, many more interesting contest will come up soon, stay tuned and await many more chances to win :)

View the entries here

Monday, May 13, 2013

Subhash Ghai: "Kaanchi is a promising film"

Mumbai, May 13 (IANS) Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who is currently busy with his directorial venture "Kaanchi", calls it a promising film that has been made with great energy and passion.

"'Kaanchi' is a very promising film. I have made it with great energy and passion and I hope that you (audience) will feel that energy and passion in the theatre," Ghai told reporters here Sunday during the celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema at his institute Whistling Woods International.
"Kaanchi" features Kartik Tiwari and newcomer Mishti in the lead roles. The film also features Rishi Kapoor and Mithoon Chakraborty.

In his more than three-decade-long career so far, Ghai not only discovered talents like Manisha Koirala (with "Saudagar") and Mahima Chaudhry (with "Pardes") but has also worked with big and established stars like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan, among others.

And now in his latest directorial "Kaanchi", he is working with new faces but for Ghai, it is the story which is important.

According to him, everyone who can pull out the character in his film, is a star for him.
"For me, only that person is star who is in front of the camera at that moment, whether he is a newcomer, or a star," Ghai said.

"For me, my subject, my story (that I am telling) is important. For me, all the actors with whom I am working are superstars and vice-versa. Even a superstar is always an actor for me, who is playing a character," he added.

"Kaanchi" is a love story of a young, beautiful girl from northern mountains, who fights against power.

It is slated to release Aug 30.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Angel In Disguise Contest

Every Mother is a Angel in Disguise... She is your best friend, mentor and so much more who helps you to survive your life with her positive attitude and care :)

Here's a BEST way to show the world how much she means to you and also win a cool merchandise on the way!


Step 1 - Upload a image of you and your Mother along with a special message
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Step 1 - Tweet us a image of you and your Mother along with a special message
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You can also send your entries on Facebook users can also inbox us your entry :)

In the special message, express how much she means to you 'Angel In Disguise'

We will announce the winner on Monday, so HURRY!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doing stunts is not a piece of cake

In a particular scene, I was suppose to jump from 40 feet height!

My double body was suppose to the stunt but I was confident I can do it, so I asked the action director to let me do the stunt.

This is what Subhash Ji has to say,

"The body double was suppose to do the stunt but Mishti felt she could do it. She gave the shot and we all clapped but then we realised her knees were bleeding."

He adds, "But hats off to her spirit, she came on the sets the next day though she was in pain and had fever"

Small injuries will not stop me from doing what I love :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

An opportunity for all the aspiring Filmmakers!

Subhash Ghai, "I am working with fine actors"

The shooting of Kaanchi was supposed to be done in Madh island (Mumbai) before it shifted to Nainital, and I love the fact that we chose the new location :)

On the sets, Subhash Ghai encourages the entire unit! Especially me and Kartik Tiwari

I was glad when Subhash Ghai said this,
"I am working with fine actors, Mithun and Chintoo (Rishi Ji) are my friends and Mishti & Kartik are very talented. After pack-up it's party time for everyone on the sets and we enjoy a lot. Shooting in Nainital is fun and the weather is super here!"