Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures.

So you'd probably assume I'd be talking about chocolate or diamonds or fantasizing about the latest glorious new smart phone by side.
Oh, wait, I am totally talking about the latter.
I've always been an Apple fan : They REALLY know what a smart and sleek finish is.
They always seem to know perfectly what each sector and group of people appeal to.
And finally, they create what you imagine.What you desire, and more.
In short, after countless hours spent ogling it online, I've concluded : 
1.This phone has a wider screen to smartly accommodate five rows of apps on the home screen unlike the previous version.
 2.From what I see, It's sleeker an much easier to handle than the previous models which often fell off my hands a couple of times.
3.And it basically looks like a piece of sheer 'Byoo-deh' to behold and finally OWN.
So it's safe to say my current 'Guilty Pleasure' is the iPhone 5.
Chocolate and Diamonds can't compete.For now.

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