Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Woman, So Let Her Just Be

There comes a time in your life in India when the newspapers will read the headlines 'Woman Victim of Acid Attack' or 'Woman Raped And Murdered' and it goes on.Down the ages women have always been inferior to men. No matter how progressive the talk of India, its not because society is unequal. If caste and religion separates us Indians, what's even worse is that, that same caste will see men and women on unequal levels, women being the inferior ones ofcourse.

Money, love or lust, when man doesn't get these from the woman, she has to bear the brunt of over-bearing male dominance. So what is the solution to this? Education? Better vigilantism by security? Sitting at home wearing burkhas? Stricter punishment? Lets just face it, Indian men and perhaps men all over are crude sadist pigs. Its a big debate. I mean, there is no one way to find a solution to this.

One immediate thing to do is, leave them women alone. Mr. lustful eyes, if the law doesn't scare you, if God, of all things, doesn't scare you, if your conscience doesn't prick you, then you are as fucked up as your upbringing, my friend. 

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