Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We all have secrets.We find perfect ways to hide them too.
And it's so often you read about women being raped, manhandled, mistreated.
It sure as hell is no secret that we too, have been stared lustfully at, been touched 'by mistake' and sometimes  it happens so quick and the moment passes so fast, you don't know how to take quick action.
You are over powered.
After the  Guwahati gang-rape case, no one observed the urgency of increasing safety, making the laws more stringent, after the murder of Pallavi, the girl who was manhandled and murdered in the sanctity of her own home, no one brought about enough assurance of safety and protection for the Indian women.
So many Independent young women, hurt, mistreated and over powered.
At what cost?
Its sad that now, in the 21st century, we claim to be developing and ever changing in our outlook, it takes the death of innocent people like the  the recent rape and murder of the BPO employee in Pune to bring about and set in stone, the protection, security and safety that each of us need to out into this battle field.Every.Single.Day.

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