Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kartik Tiwari’s near death experience while shooting for Kaanchi

After returning to Mumbai from Nainital, Subhash Ghai shared an experience while shooting for Kaanchi in Nainital which was according to him, a close call!

Subhash Ghai, “My heart beat almost stopped while shooting for a song. Seated on the mountain’s edge, Kartik would have slipped into the deep ravine. It was a rain song sequence that we were shooting. He and Mishti, the new heroine, had to sit on different stones at the peaks of two mountains, facing each other. This was an edge of a mountain. Since this was a long shot cranes were being used and there was nobody near him. What nobody realised was that the mud stone on which Kartik was sitting on was gradually melting because of the torrential rain. The music was loud and all of us were concentrating on getting the perfect shot. Kartik realised what was happening, but being a dedicated actor, he continued with the scene. After I shouted ‘Cut’ as the scene was perfect, we saw the stone give away, and Kartik nearly slipped down. But he held on a stone nearby. When I asked Kartik why did he not called for a ‘Cut’, he said, he wanted to complete the shot. Has he fallen down it was a good 2000 feet into the valley. All of us were petrified. I must say, God was kind and saved us from a tragedy.”

Kaanchi is produced and directed by Subhash Ghai, starring newcomer Mishti, Kartik Tiwari, Rishabh Sinha, Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty and is slated to release in August.

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